Chiropractic Care

Nutrition Response Testing

What to Expect at Your First Visit:
This is a 45 minute long appointment, where Dr. Knotts will review your health history, conduct a full body nutrition testing evaluation and go through the beginning stages of detoxing & restoring your body’s balance.

What to Expect at Follow up Appointments:
Follow-up appointments are key with your practitioner so he can assess your progress and nutritional needs. They typically last 30 minutes.

How Does It Work?
Nutritional Muscle Testing is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of illness or poor health. We treat the root of the issue – not just the symptoms. Nutritional Muscle Testing allows your own body to communicate where imbalances are occurring and potential causes of these imbalances. Examples of imbalances in the body are weight loss/gain, inconsistent digestion, poor memory, mood swings, irregular sleep patterns and lack of energy.

Our Areas of Focus

Adrenal Stress

Anxiety & Depression


Digestive Issues


Food Allergies / Sensitivities

Hormone Issues

Individual Diet Plans

Sleep Disturbance

Thyroid Problems


Start Your Healing Journey

Dr. Knotts & staff are deeply invested in life transformation & getting to the root cause of disease. Our team works together in a cozy family environment that fosters continued education and growth so that we can provide a higher level of care to our patients.

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